August 10, 2022

Since returning to Chad in June we have been easing back into ministry. Carrie and I are splitting the homeschool teaching as she is taking and Arabic class and I am proofreading our Bagirmi translation of the Gospel of John. Here is a photo of our proofreading team; Praise God for his Word! It is a delight to be in this work.

Please pray for the village of Leo. It is the hometown of our school director, and home to several Lutheran Brethren churches. It has been inflamed with civil war as of Sunday. The age-old conflict between cattle herders and farmers has taken five villages so far as the aggressors burn and pillage. Pray that the church would have a clear voice in this time.

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Life and ministry in our Chadian village looks like something like this:

Bagirmi Creation Book

Our friends and neighbors are hearing the story of Creation and the Fall in their own language in our newly published Genesis story book. For many children and adults, this is the first book they have ever held, and certainly the first illustrated book they have ever seen. The story of God starts here, and continues in the lives of the this un-reached people.


Gethsemane School

Our fourth year of the Gethsemane school is beginning--with a new school building! We are so grateful.


Or visit the school website meube.org

Story Project

The Word gives life! So we continue to work in Bible translation as needed. Currently we are facilitating a "Story Project", to teach Bible stories to local people that they retell naturally in their own languages and record for distribution.

See some photos!