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Here are a few needs in our ministry

Teacher housing $6000

We are adding a teacher each year as the children grow. At least into 2028. They each need a house built.

Outdoor reading space $8000

Essentially a large veranda, this space will allow for children and adults to come and enjoy our library of books under supervision.

Szobody yard fence $4000

In order to plant trees, protect against animals, and provide a safe place for our kids.

A book of the Bible $25,000

Translate one book of the Bible into Bagirmi! Of course, books are of varying length, so this is approximate.

Cows for kids $300

This is essentially our "investment account" for the longterm viability of the school, as well as an educational apportunity.

Classroom garden $200

Help the kids plant their class garden for one season!

School kitchen $1000

We want to build a traditional cob (mud) kitchen to education the students in their traditional techniques as well as to have a place to cook food for special events.

School kitchen roof $1000

The walls are built from cob, but the roof will protect it from the rain!

If you would like to designate contributions to any of these needs please contact Nathanael,