Log photos

Gotta get home somehow...

We are thrilled to welcome our newest teacher couple: Roland and Colette!

Homeschool week :-)

Kicking off the first day of translation with our new team! Gospel of Luke here we come. 

Our newest, Francis! Born October 31, 2021

Adam tells a Bible story

Our Taiwanese partners


The Gethsemané de Meube school

Terach and Amina

Terach is director of the school and teaches kindergarten.

Full House!

62 kids in one classroom. 


We are entering our fourth year at Gethsemané de Meube school! The kids are learning to read, plant trees, make compost, and tell the story of Creation.

Abel and Respa

Jean-Bapiste and Marceline

Levi and Albertine

Story project

 A local Quranic teacher tells the story of "Joseph in Potiphar's House" from Genesis 39. 

One group works hard to put together the story of Joseph in their own language.

One of the language groups had so much fun as a team that they used their hard earned money to buy matching outfits!

Pray for this woman and her five children. They all have a deep desire for education and a knowledge of God's Word. 

Here she is telling  the story "Joseph Forgives His Brothers."

A language group uploads their stories to the computer. 

And a nomad enthusiastically tells the story of Joseph to members of his tribe who came from across the river just to listen.