Boudamasa School

Gethsémané de Meube

Gethsémané de Meube school in Boudamasa, Chad started in October of 2018  at the request of the Chief of that town. We have worked closely with the local authorities, village elders and student parents to begin the creation of a center of education for the whole community. The above photo is our first year students in their thatch classroom. Now, the Lord has provided a beautiful building where children will grow in knowledge, faith and love for many years. 

The school website is

Meet Terach, 

We hired Terach as the school's director and first teacher because of his experience, his exceptional passion for training children in their whole person, and his commitment to the Gospel. He has moved his wife and three children to Boudamasa to invest their future in this ministry. 

Abel and Respa

Abel and moved to Boudamasa to join our team in 2019. Abel teaches the first grade class. 

Jean-Baptiste and Albertine

Jean-Baptiste and his family joined us in 2020 to co-teach the second grade class. Before joining us he taught for four years while serving as a lay Bible teacher in his church. 

Levi and Marceline

Levi and his family joined us in 2020 to co-teach the second grade class. Before joining us he taught for six years and lead a house-church in the capital city. 

How can you help? 

Check out the school website. If you would like to receive our newsletter , you may request it at 

Below are the projects we have prioritized to move the school forward. We need your help to make them happen! To give to any of these projects you may contact us at the above email, or go to, click on 'giving' and write in the designation for your gift. 

Cattle for Kids

In an effort to build the school community in a sustainable way, we have begun the "cattle project." The cattle are purchased for the school with external donations. They are herded on a daily basis by nomad refugees who have fled the war in Central African Republic. These shepherds are paid, but they also benefit from the cows' milk, and we enroll their children in the school for free. 

We hope that as the herd grows, it will provide a revolving fund to contribute to the school's operation. It also provides and opportunity to explore more sustainable agriculture techniques for a growing society. 

Please pray for the Fulbe refugees in Chad. They have fled war and have nothing. The Lutheran Brethren Church has contributed extensively to their support, but the needs remain enormous. 

Support a teacher

Because of the dramatic difference in local economies it costs only $200 per month to fund a teacher's family. What an impact you can have! These teachers are all recommended by their pastors as active people of faith in their communities. They are trained in the national curriculum and pedagogy, and we train them in how to integrate  God's Word, both as a class and in natural ways throughout the week.